Every company can become a champion!

Our belief

Market leaders are not born or exist due to external circumstances, but create themselves … through structured and continuous improvement, the drive for excellence, transparency, curiosity and openness to change.

We believe that there is enough undiscovered potential in every company to make it a potential “hidden champion”. Methodical expertise is required to identify and realize these potentials. Then these are realized with teamwork and a solid foundation of practical operational management expertise in a wide range of industries. Entrepreneurial spirit and experience is a key success factor to develop hidden champion.

Accompanying teams on their way

Realizing undiscovered potential where it arises. Top down and bottom up. Through proven operational know-how and using the latest digital technology.

Auril’s founders and employees have already developed companies into hidden champions themselves.

Execution is key – We provide holistic support, from analysis to sustainable execution with proven benefits. In order to achieve this, we can take various roles as needed and best for the situation and task in particular in the implementation phase: Coach, consultant, project manager or as interim manager.

Who we are

Auril was founded in 2009 and advises companies with a focus on change management and digitalization. It is the sum of the experience and commitment of each individual consultant that makes our projects successful.
We are internationally trained management consultants with many years of experience as executive managers in medium-sized companies and a technical or business university education. Complemented by certified experts with leading specialist knowledge in their field.
We therefore combine
  • Operational experience – through consultants with their own experience as operational managers
  • Digital expertise – thanks to our own software development team
  • functional qualification – our experts cover the areas of production, supply chain, quality, finance & controlling and personnel development in particular, enabling us to set up and implement projects holistically.

HOW we do it

Process-oriented – A lean process is at the center of optimal service provision.

Lean – Achievement of generally binding process standards, avoidance of waste, continuous improvement process

Agile – Employee-oriented, flexible decentralized control loops, dealing with uncertainty, seeking to exceed targets, maximizing customer benefit

Digital – Digital mapping of all processes and process results in real time

Transparent – Visualization of the contribution to the achievement of corporate goals at the point of origin

Cooperative – Overall processes or projects can only be optimally managed in cross-functional teams